Maltese Twv txiaj yuam pov hauv internet

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Chaw thau khoom ... As of March 2018 all forms of gambling are legal in Malta. Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) yog lub koom haum tswj xyuas lub luag haujlwm rau kev tswj txhua tus kev twv txiaj hauv Malta. Currently in the country there is a huge selection of different gambling: casinos, cruise casinos, lotteries, bingo halls, gaming machines and regular tournaments on games of skill.

Kev twv txiaj hauv online hauv Malta

Suam hauv internet kev twv txiaj yog ib qho ntawm cov lag luam loj tshaj plaws ntawm kev ua si hauv Malta, and subject to the provisions of the rules of remote gaming. The first site online gambling in Malta tau launched hauv 2000 thiab tau koom nrog hauv online kev ua si betting. In April 2004, the country had entered a legal framework regulating the entire online gaming industry. Malta was the first country member of the EU, the scope of fully regulating online gambling. Because of this Malta started issuing licenses online providers of nearly all types of gambling. Some of the most well-known suppliers of games running on the gaming license in Malta, suav nrog Mr Green, Betsson, thawj-ntawm -Home, Interwetten.

Daim ntawv teev saum toj 10 Maltese Online Casino Sites

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Sab saum toj 10 zoo tshaj plaws USA Online Casinos 2018:

twv txiaj yuam povkevDevicesUa si Twv txiaj yuam pov

RAWS LI KOJ LUB HLIS nrog a 200% MATCH rau koj thawj deposit
PLUS Tau 100 dawb spins

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$ 5,000 BONUS ntawm koj thawj 5 tso nyiaj -! TSIS TXAUS SIAB!
$ 1,000s nyob rau hauv ntxiv nyiaj tau tshaj - txhua txhua lub lim tiam!

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Cashback txais tos lawm! Xa rov qab 25% ntawm koj qhov kev tso nyiaj!

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Pua tau nyiaj ntau heev: $ 208,357.98

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TXAIS TOS LAWM $ 777 DAWB nyob rau hauv koj thawj peb daim ntawv tso npe
Pua tau nyiaj ntau heev: $ 208,357.98

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$3,750 Tos Txais Bonus Txais tos
Tau peb 100% Cov Nyiaj Tau Txais

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$4,000 LAWM

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400% YUAV SIV RAU $ 3,000 DAWB

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$ 50 dawb CHIP [code: SILVER50] OR
555% KEV SIB THAM [code: SOAK555]

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400 $ Zoo siab txais tos lawm
$ 10,000 DAWB

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Sawv rov mus $3000 hauv Bonuses Txais Tos
Hla Thawj Peb Lub Npe

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Sab saum toj 10 zoo tshaj plaws cov teb chaws Europe Online Casinos 2018:


Sawv rov mus € 140 Zoo siab txais tos
tau $ 88 DAWB Tsis muaj paj tshab dabtsi

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100% mus txog 4000 - TSIS MUAJ KEV SIV!
tau 15 Dawb nti

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100 thawj lub nyiaj tso tawm tuaj txog € 200 dawb nrog cov code ntxiv WELCOME777
77 Dawb Spins Tsis Deposit lawm

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100 free spins ntawm Casumo Casino
$ 800 DAWB lawm

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Peb mam li muab koj thawj zaug tso nyiaj nrog 100% mus txog $ 100 Zoo siab txais tos lawm
$ 65 DAWB Zoo siab txais tos lawm

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Tau Koj KOM kev tam sim no!

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tau koj 3,200 TXAUS SIAB
45 Mobile Bonus

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!!! Kom Kev !!!

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tau koj 200% mus txog 400
Easter luav lawm

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dawb rau cov twv txiaj yuam pov tshiab -

Cov chaw hauv online twv txiaj yuam pov lees txais players ntawm Malta

Pom ib daim ntawv teev npe ntawm cov twv txiaj yuam pov vev xaib online uas txais cov npe ntawm cov menyuam Malta, thiab muab cov kev ua si zoo thiab muaj kev nyab xeeb. Ntawm no koj yuav pom ntau yam ntawm kev lom zem los ntawm cov cav tov rau cov twv txiaj yuam pov mus ua si los ntawm nto moo software xws li NetEnt, Merkur, IGT, Novoline, Microgaming, Betsoft, Rival Gaming, thiab ntau lwm tus.
Koj tuaj yeem nyeem peb xyuas ntawm cov chaw hauv online twv txiaj yuam pov, yuav tsum paub txog qhov zoo tshaj hauv online promotions, nyiaj tshwj xeeb thiab kev them nqi rau cov players ntawm Malta.

Kev twvtxiaj hauv Malta

Cov hnub so rau hauv Malta – it tours, soccer, sea, learning English, and of course the casino. A small sunny island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea has become not only the crossroads of trade routes and diplomatic, but also one of the capitals of gambling life in Teb chaws Europe. Let’s get acquainted!

Lub ntsiab lus ntawm tsab xov xwm:

  • Malta - luv luv txog qhov chaw thiab keeb kwm;
  • Land-based casinos in the country at the moment is legal;
  • The most famous land-based casinos in Malta thiab lawv cov nta:
  • Oracle Casino;
  • Dragonara Casino;
  • Casino di Venezia;
  • twv txiaj yuam pov Malta;
  • Casino at Portomaso.
  • Online casinos are legal in the country, are very popular. Malta yog qhov nruab nrab ntawm lub ntsiab hauv internet hauv lub ntiaj teb;
  • Five sights of the capital of Malta Valletta with addresses;
  • Interesting cov lus tseeb txog lub teb chaws thiab cov neeg.

Qhov chaw nyob Malta thiab keeb kwm yav dhau keeb kwm

Malta or the Republic of Malta – an island in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily, which is often perceived as a cozy Shard UK . His beautiful name the state received from the Phoenicians, the language of which malat translates as “shelter”.

Although the area of ​​the island is small, incredibly rich history. And this is not surprising, because Malta is located at the intersection of routes from Teb chaws Europe rau Teb chaws Africa and Asia. In yet VIII century BC. e. Phoenicians and Greeks came to this earth. For centuries, the land passed to the Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, Brits. Full independence from Great Britain country received only in 1964.

Lub peev ntawm Malta yog Valetta, nrhiav tau los ntawm qhov kev txiav txim ntawm Malta thiab yog lub npe hu ua tus thawj coj, Jean de La Valletta, los tiv thaiv lub nroog ntawm cov Turks.

Today Malta is a parliamentary republic headed by President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca. The position of the prime minister belongs to Joseph Muscat.

Cov duab zoo nkauj yog ib txwm zoo siab rau cov qhua, twv txiaj cov neeg uas nyiam ua twv txiaj yuam pov, tsis yog qhov zam.

Twv txiaj yuam pov thiab kev twv txiaj hauv Malta

Malta is one of the favorite destinations of gamblers, traveling around the world. Still would! After all, in a small area just 316 square meters. 4 km from the Great Casino: Oracle Casino, Dragonara Casino, Casino di Venezia, Casino at Portomaso.

Every gambling house has its own history and traditions. True one: each casino is a great place to play Roulette, nees nkaum ib, Caribbean Poker, NQHAJ, Texas Hold'em, Peb Daim Ntawv Poker, taw tes dawb, Fabkis lossis hluav taws xob roulette thiab ntau cov cav ntoo.

In Malta are allowed to play 18 years. The only exceptions are citizens of the country itself, which the admission to the casino opens with 25. At the first visit of the guests be sure to ask a passport, so it pays to grab it with him.

The Maltese are quite loyal to the dress code, so letXCHARXs type of clothing is smart / casual. Not allowed only in bathing suits, and after 20-00 XCHARX in shorts and an open shirt and sandals. But even the guests dressed not in shape, you can get inside, enough to rent here a jacket and tie. It is noteworthy that customers in evening clothes all Maltese casinos offer free transportation.

Oracle Casino

This place is also called the democratic casino. It is located in the bay of St PaulXCHARXs Bay in the north of the island is part of the Dolmen Resort Complex 4 * XCHARX it is one of the best hotel complexes of the country. Democratic places is that in case of loss casino returns from 10 to 20% amount.

Dragonara twv txiaj yuam pov

This is the first casinos appeared in Malta, it was opened in 1964. The building is much older XCHARX built in 1870. Previously, it was the residence of Emmanuel Scicluna, a banker. Dragonara Casino is situated in the heart of night life, because what is in St JulianXCHARXs.

Twv txiaj yuam pov di Venezia

This casino is impressive from the first minutes of the historic building XCHARX the captainXCHARXs palace, erected by the Knights of St. John in 1685. Visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the Grand Harbor or take a stroll along the promenade Vittoriosa. A three-storey ensemble is unique, in the interiors of a special place is given to Murano glass, tapestries, huge chandeliers and antique furniture.

Twv txiaj yuam pov ntawm Portomaso

This casino is part of a luxurious complex of St. JulianXCHARXs, a luxury penthouse and 5-star apartments, its own restaurant, the Hilton hotel and commercial centers. Also, when the casino diving center.

Online ua si hauv Malta

What people love gambling Malta, it’s because there legalized online casino . Here, everyone can get a license to create their own gambling site, but not necessarily owned by a Maltese company. All financial transactions should be conducted Maltese operator.

This freedom explains why the Maltese sites with slot machines , roulette and card games are much more than any other. Amateurs play for money without leaving your computer, they will be happy. In Malta, it is guaranteed legally, comfortably and safely.

Nyob rau hauv qhov tseeb, Malta yog tam sim no ib qho chaw loj ntawm online casinos nyob rau hauv lub ntiaj teb no.

Valletta attractions

  1. Grand Master’s Palace. Address: Palace Square / Street Republic, Valletta. This fortress is located in the heart of La Valletta, is the heart of the historic center. Here is the residence of the parliament and the president.
  2. Cathedral of Saint John. Location: St. Lucia’s Street, Valletta. The building of the cathedral, erected by order of Jean de la Kassera resembles a fort. Construction began after the Great Siege of Malta. The main treasure is a painting by Caravaggio. It is interesting to examine the tombstones of knights.
  3. National Archaeological Museum. Address: Triq Ir-Repubblika, Valletta. Interestingly the museum building XCHARX a mansion of the 16th century Auberge de Provence as well as the exhibition, in which there are finds of the Neolithic period (5000 BC) and valuable artifacts.
  4. National War Museum. Location: St. Fort. Elmo, Valletta. The museum is housed in the former gunpowder storage, frequently in historical films made about the Mediterranean. Malta is unique photos 1941-1943 years, showing the island in ruins.
  5. Manoel Theater. Address: 115 Triq it-Teatru l-Antik, Valletta. It is the oldest theater in the country, built in the 18th century by order of the Grand Master Manoel de Vilho. Here are stored the collection of sets, costumes and paintings.

Interesting lus txog Malta thiab Maltese

  • Malta has no rivers and lakes, and other freshwater sources. All drinking water is imported.
  • Tourism - yog ib qhov ntawm qhov kev lag luam.
  • Tsheb khiav hauv Malta txoj kev sib tw sab laug.
  • Rau cov kob muaj suab tsis ua txhaum.
  • Nyob rau hauv Malta, nws yog tsis yooj yim sua kom sib nrauj.
  • University of Malta yog ib tus hiob hauv lub ntiaj teb, ua haujlwm nrog 1592.
  • Nyob rau hauv cov tsev nyob nrog cov npe ntawm cov npe.
  • Ntawm Sicily thiab Malta 93 km, tab sis yav dhau los ntawm cov Islands tuaj yog tus choj.

Malta nyob rau hauv daim qhia kev ntawm cov teb chaws Europe

Malta nyob rau hauv daim qhia kev ntawm cov teb chaws Europe