Spanish Hauv Internet Tos Txais

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Chaw thau khoom ... Mev yog ib qho ntawm feem ntau kev twv txiaj haiv neeg nyob hauv lub ntiaj teb, tseem nyob hauv 1812 thawj lottery was organized here. In 1977, the Mev government decided on the legal regulation of gambling. At first, it applies only to the gambling, which are based on skills, and in 1981 was legalized slot machines and other similar gambling entertainment. In the early 80s more than a dozen operators received a license to open a casino in Spain. Note for visitors to our online gambling directory that today the Mev gambling industry is booming. The country has more than 60 casinos and about a quarter of a million of gaming machines.

In 2012 came into force the new legislative changes, including the regulation of online casino operators, as well as the establishment of penalties for organizing illegal gambling. Regulator of the gambling industry in the country is the Central Office for the regulation of gambling (Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego). The main functions of the Office are issuance of licenses, control of the operation of gambling establishments, as well as the imposition of fines in the event of illegal activity.

Kev twv txiaj hauv online ntawm Spain

For a long time, there were no specific laws controlling the activities of sites online gambling in Spain. However, since 2002, the Mev government has begun to move in the direction of regulation and legalization of online casino websites. This led to the adoption of the relevant law online gambling in Spain, leej twg thaum kawg tsim tau lub hauv paus rau cov neeg tsav tsheb khiav lag luam.

The law came into force in June 2012, and since then more than 70 gambling operators have been licensed. However, strict rules and 25% tax has left many operators not in the business, however, the online gambling market in the country is booming. Until recently, online slot machines were banned in Spain. But lawmakers have decided to change it, and at the end of July 2014 Online slots have received the green light.

Daim ntawv teev saum toj 10 Spanish Online Twv txiaj yuam pov chaw

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kev ua twv txiaj yuam pov -

Cov chaw hauv online twv txiaj yuam pov lees txais players ntawm Spain

Pom ib daim ntawv teev npe ntawm cov twv txiaj yuam pov vev xaib online uas txais cov npe ntawm cov menyuam Spain, and offering high-quality and safe games. Here you will find a wide range of entertainment from slot machines to casino games live from such famous software vendors as NetEnt, Merkur, IGT, Novoline, Microgaming, Betsoft, Rival Gaming , and many others.
Koj tuaj yeem nyeem peb xyuas ntawm cov chaw hauv online twv txiaj yuam pov, yuav tsum paub txog qhov zoo tshaj hauv online promotions, nyiaj tshwj xeeb thiab kev them nqi rau cov players ntawm Spai

Kev twvtxiaj hauv tebchaws Spain

Tom ntej nres ntawm qhov kev twv txiaj CasinoToplists - nws tshav ntuj Spain and its magnificent capital. Madrid enchants and excites with its history, elegant architecture, a compulsive attitude to life. Fans of bright emotions adrenaline will love the gaming halls, clubs and casinos of the country!

Lub ntsiab lus ntawm tsab xov xwm:

  • A bit of history and geography of Spain;
  • Casino and Gambling:
  • Land-based casinos are allowed and legalized gambling business;
  • Losing at the casino is a failed investment if losses exceed gains, the tax decreases.
  • The biggest casino of the country:
  • Casino de Madrid;
  • Gran Madrid;
  • Gran Casino Aranjuez.
  • Construction of Las Vegas Xuab zeb - lub complex yog 2022;
  • Five of Madrid’s sights with addresses;
  • Interesting facts about Spain thiab nws cov inhabitants.

Qhov chaw Spain thiab luv keeb kwm keeb kwm

Lub Nceeg Vaj Spain - ib qho ntawm feem ntau zoo nkauj, tos txais thiab sov Teb chaws Europe.

Nws lub npe hu ua, nws zoo heev, nws coj los ntawm Phoenician lus, qhov twg "i-punks" tau muab txhais ua "Beach hyraxes (rabbits)."

Apparently, before there really was a lot of animals. Today, Spain - ib lub teb chaws ntawm cov txiv neej thiab cov poj niam zoo nkauj, nws lub siab nyiam ua neej, seev cev, kos duab thiab taug txuj kev nyuaj rau lub ntiaj teb.

Lub peev ntawm Spain, Madrid is the proud history of which dates back to the tenth century. Today, this metropolis is home to over three million people, is the quiet charm of the old quarters and the royal palaces combined with the bustle of busy highways, numerous shops, restaurants and clubs.

Casinos thiab Twv txiaj hauv Spain

Spain XCHARX a country very reckless, it is believed that is played every or almost every . Spaniards love lotteries, card games, betting and of course casino. For 2013 on the game it was spent more than 10 billion euros. In this case, the average citizen of the country spends on such fun around 480 euros per year, which is significantly higher than in other countries.

Gambling business in Spain legalized. There were periods when rights and opportunities for players and holders of gambling heavily infringed upon, but today it is conducted lawfully. In 2011, it was carried out to legalization according to EU regulations. At the same time there are a number of restrictions, for example, casinos may only operate in the big cities, preferably outside the city limits. Age of visitors XCHARX from 18 years. Gaming establishments must be located at a certain distance from each other.

unprecedented law according to which the loss is equal to the casino in a failed investment was adopted in 2013. At year-end, if the losses exceed the amount of winnings, it reduces the tax payments. But with the income tax you have to pay necessary.

Of course, the game of life is concentrated in the center of the capital. Madrid is rightly proud of the three largest and most beautiful casinos of the country and even Teb chaws Europe.

Twv txiaj yuam pov tsib Madrid

The oldest and most sophisticated casino in the Spanish capital XCHARX Casino de Madrid. The five-storey building with a roof terrace is located on Alcalá Street, 15. In 1836, the facility opened as a club for wealthy noblemen who wanted to gamble to spend their time. The building is the best specimen of the Belle Époque, the interiors are also preserved in its original style: white marble, gilding, luxury carpets, curtains and tablecloths.

The Casino de Madrid created 12 huge rooms, perfectly equipped for any gambling. Among other things, visitors can admire the original paintings by famous artists, sculptures and antiques. There is a swimming pool and a sports club, a sauna, and several restaurants, as well as a reading room. Restaurant is very expensive, but worth it. It was here in 2011, passed the final EPT XCHARX European Poker Tour, which is usually held in Monte Carlo . Poker is very popular in Spain; find and participate in a poker kev sib tw (loj los me) thaum lub sij hawm nyob hauv lub teb chaws yog yooj yim heev.

Gran Madrid

The biggest casino is considered the Spanish Gran Madrid, it is located 29 kilometers north of the capital. Restaurant opened in 1981, its area covers 8000 square meters, there is no break has over 200 slot machinesand various slots.

Peb lub chav tsev, uas tsev nyob rau hauv qhov kev ntaus pob no yog ib qho ntawm ntau tshaj plaws thiab zoo nkauj tshaj plaws nyob rau hauv Teb chaws Europe, is regularly removed commercials and presentations. The design is executed in vintage style 50s. In the winter season for men dress code XCHARX suits and ties. It is interesting to visit the restaurant at least part of the tour, so beautiful all decorated.

Gran Twv txiaj yuam pov Aranjuez

To the south of the center of Madrid, just 35 km outside the city located another legendary Casino XCHARX Gran Casino Aranjuez. It is open daily, offering guests not only a variety of gambling , but also the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes in the restaurant, have fun in a disco or join the national exotic looking flamenco show.

Euro Vegas hauv 2022

The capital’s casinos are not the only well-known gambling houses are in each resort area. A plan to complete the construction of the largest complex of Las Vegas Sand, in 2022 to be transformed into Euro-Vegas . The project involves 12 combine entertainment complexes, which in addition to the casino will include rooms with 18 thousand slot machines, conference rooms, hotel rooms, shops, restaurants and even a theater.

Thaum tiav ntawm kev tsim kho ntawm Las Vegas Sand yuav yog cov twv txiaj yuam pov loj tshaj plaws Teb chaws Europe, the daily load is designed for comfortable stay of 36 thousand visitors. Unprecedented scale for the Old World!

Spain nyob rau hauv daim ntawv qhia ntawm cov teb chaws Europe

Spain nyob rau hauv daim ntawv qhia ntawm cov teb chaws Europe

Madrid attractions

  1. Museo del Prado. Address: Paseo del Prado. Magnificent museum is located in a historic building, inside guests featuring paintings of Spanish, Italian, Dutch thiab Flemish masters.
  2. Plaza Mayor. Address: Plaza Mayor. This beautiful Madrid area, which impresses with luxurious architectural ensemble.
  3. Royal Palace. Address: Calle Bailén. The ancient Moorish fortress has now become the official residence and is open for visits. Rooms are decorated with paintings of the geniuses of painting.
  4. Queen Cofii Museum. Address: Calle de Santa Isabel, 52. This arts center has gathered the most delightful works of painters of the twentieth century.
  5. Cibeles Square. Address: Plaza de la Cibeles. Extraordinarily beautiful area attracts the attention of the XVIII century fountain with a statue of Cybele – the goddess of fertility.

Cov ntsiab lus tseeb txog Spain thiab Spaniards

  • Nyob rau hauv Spain, ntau tshaj lwm lub teb chaws nyob rau hauv Teb chaws Europe, bars, restaurants and cafes. Trapeznichat home here almost not accepted.
  • Cov xim ntawm lub teb chaws chij raug xaiv nrog kev hwm ntawm bullfighting: liab - ntshav, daj - xuab zeb.
  • Nyob rau hauv Spain txais mus sib yuav / tau sib yuav tom qab 30, thiab cov me nyuam pib - tom qab 35-40.
  • Lub teb chaws tau tso cai rau tib txoj kev sib deev.
  • Feem ntau, cov lus Mev ob lub npe los ntawm leej txiv thiab leej niam.
  • Lub caij ntuj sov yuav poob rau hauv nag hauv Spain yog yuav luag tsis yooj yim.
  • Nws yog nyob rau hauv Iberian ceg av qab teb invented lub guitar, ib lub hnab, ib tug mop, ib tug luam yeeb, ib tug stapler, riam Navajo thiab goatskin.
  • Spain - lub birthplace ntawm Chupa Chups, ib tug wrapper rau lub zoo-paub khoom qab zib invented nws tus kheej Salvador Dali!